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RVA Cafe, LLC. is more than your typical Henrico Virginia restaurant. We provide great tasting food that is made to order, our eggs are delivered fresh to us every Friday afternoon. We use Nature's Own bread for our sandwiches, as they are low-calorie and great tasting. Our meats are hand picked and sliced in-house to make sure every sandwich has at least 4oz (1/4lbs) of low-sodium and great tasting meats.


We make everything fresh, so our customers
enjoying calling our ordering hotline - to assure
the freshness and quality of our products.

Everything is Made to Order!


Our pastries are made fresh with the best
ingredience. JoAnn also makes Birthday and
Wedding cakes - over 35 years experience!

Sandwiches and Wraps
Everything comes with a bag of chips and optional pickle spear.

Breakfast all day
Great tasting plates and sandwiches.

RVA Shake's Menu
With over 40 delicious shake flavors to choose from.

We carry a variety of products that you won’t find anywhere else, and can offer you the best supplement advice to help you reach any fitness or health goals you have.
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